Fine Art Photography
Carl Hoff and M. Michael the photographers of the art
work shown here h
ave been shooting photographic figure
art for over 25 years.
They find the human body to be the
greatest of art forms with it's flowing lines and textures.
Finding the best in the models
they shoot to create their
form of Fine Art,
the two of them travel to areas that suits
the type of environment to capture the natural beauty of
the human figure of
their models. Carl uses light to paint his
art in such a way to capture the moment a figure becomes
an art form. Seeing how a human figure is shaped he places
his model in ways to show the best of the curves and lines
as the light dances off the figure to form a new balance
with nature and it's surroundings.
M. Michael teaches
photography and
Photoshop to help students understand
how painting with light and posing a figure model can
create a type of figure art form like no other. Showing each
student how important it is to capture the lighting, form and
style in the camera before ever bringing the art into
Photoshop to create art as you shoot it. M. Michael says
Photoshop can greatly enhance and further the art form
only if it is created in the camera first. You can not correct
a bad pose or bad lighting digitally with
Photoshop, this is
why it is so important to learn it right within the camera
They teach classes on lighting, posing, landscape,
figure and many other photographic techniques to help
students become artist. You too can lean how to create Art
with the photos you take by taking classes with Carl
M. Michael
at locations throughout California. Check the
classes page to learn more. Rates are always with in reach
of students. Start today by signing up with a class and have
fun learning photography today!
Come to our classes and learn
everything to become a great
photographer, Photography classes
taught here